Mac vs PC

The eternal rivalry between these machines is tried to be summed up in this article.

Statistics say that in that Window OS in terms of market share is way ahead of Mac, massive 88% share of global market. Mac Os has 8.75%. as for how many people in the world are currently using Mac compared to PC. It’s said that over one billion people were actively using Windows, and only 100 million Mac users. It’s general opinion that people love apple os, but why aren’t there more users. Well, the cost for one thing. For an average Mac, you can buy top of the class PC.

From a gamer point a view there is no silver ling for Mac either. On the list of the best gaming computers, and none of Apple machines were listed. But it’s not all about functionality tho, Apple’s design looks good, always has and some people say that’s why Mac is so popular with the creative community. If you wanna look good you get a Mac after all not everyone who drives a Ferrari is interested in driving it at 190 mph or even cares what is under the hood, they bought a car as a status symbol.  If you are interested in security you should know, that even thou the Mcas were prone to fewer online threats than PCs in the last few years, that is changing. The rising popularity of the Mac operating system has made them a prime target of cybercriminals. It is still true thou, that windows machines are presently more vulnerable to viruses than Macs.

Another important thing is that it is so easy to build on PC computer compared to a Mac. Apple wants to keep you into his own ecosystem. And this is n’t always a good option. It gives users fewer options and it can add some costs. But Microsoft has it’s on flaws too. When Windows 10 came out, it was highly criticized for pushing advertising.

Many critics out there believe that Apple once again must stunt people as it’s been resting on its laurels for too long. In terms what is under the hood. Apple’s machines aren’t much different from any other manufacturers release. If they want to improve their market share its hight time for them to come with bold design and offer improved hardware or more useful software.

Finally, the thing to add is that Microsoft has a larger application library. In 2017 there were 760,000 apps in the windows store. The Mac store, by comparison, had 30,000.

In conclusion, PCs have budget machines for all your needs so if you are short a penny or two, then PC wins it. Macs are great machines thou, and if you like the style and functionality, then you should then you should buy one. At the end it is up to you.